About Me



I’m an artist and a photographer. I am originally from Brazil and I love visual arts, music, different cultures, traveling, my husband and my family. Not necessarily in any order.

I have recently met and married the love of my life, moved to Bloomington, IN and we’re expecting our first child. We’re beyond excited!

I come from a big family – I have 5 sisters. Add to that brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews and you can imagine what it’s like when we all get together. A big fat brazilian family! Loud and fun as only brazilians can be. 🙂

Photography was not the first or the only kind of art I’ve produced. Music, painting and drawing are things that I have long loved and pursued.

After living for 11 years in various countries and continents around the world (including Europe and Africa) I decided to follow my passion for photography. That was 9 years ago. All my experience with and exposure to different cultures and aesthetics have enriched my life and my photography and equipped me to serve you better and enabled me to help you and your family shine on photographs!

My superpower is to capture the real, unique you. Your real, unique, beautiful family. That look, smile, that fleeting gesture you love but can never quite catch with your cell phone. I love families and love documenting relationships. Because relationships are forever.


Things I love:

–  Learning new languages

– Asian food

– Lots and lots of books!

– Creating and crafting things

– Good music

– Hugs

– Laugh until I cry

Things I do not like:

– Being late

– Things not done to the best of one’s ability

– Late packages in the mail


If you enjoyed my organic, documentary style of photography, get in touch and we can set up a meeting to talk and get to know each other better! It will be a pleasure to get to know you!

Photo by: Libélula Fotografia